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    Dr.Sini Nair has completed Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Rajas Dental College & Hospital, Tamil Nadu in 2008, with more than 13 years experience in her clinical field.She is acclaimed to be the Best Dentist in Salalah by her patient reviews. She is Specialized in Single visit and Rotary endodontic treatments and retreatments of anterior & posterior root canal treated teeth, Aesthetic composite restorations, Extractions and surgical and non-surgical impactions, Prosthetic treatments of prosthetic crowns & veneers, snap n smile, removable and fixed partial dentures, Full mouth rehabilitations and hollywood smile, Pediatric treatment including pediatric root canal treatments(pulpectomy),stainless steel crowns and aesthetic restorations of anteriors including zirconia crowns, Removable interceptive appliances for pediatric patients as and when required, Oral prophylactic treatments and Minor periodontal surgeries and gingival cosmetic procedures.

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