Dr. Ahmed Salim Ahmed Qaitoon

Endocrinology - Visiting Consultant
  • Speciality

    Endocrinology - Visiting Consultant

  • Education

    MBBS, MD, CCD, S-Endo

  • Experience

    15+ Years

  • Biography

    Dr. Ahmed Salim Ahmed Qaitoon treats Full range of diabetic, thyroid disease, and other hormonal and endocrine disorders

    Has has excellent experience in treating endocrine disorders including Diabetes, Mellitus, Thyroid diseases and malignancy, Parathyroid disease, Pituitary disease, Adrenal diseases and Endocrine hypertension based on excellent fellowship training at King Faisal Hospital and research center which is the best hospital in Arab world and well recognized institution internationally.

    Dr. Ahmed Salim Ahmed Qaitoon is the Consultant Endocrinologist - Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Salalah.Dr. Ahmed Salim Ahmed Qaitoon is acclaimed to be the Best Endocrinology Consultant in Salalah by his patient reviews.

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