Dr. Liz Elizabeth Antony

Internal Medicine - Specialist
  • Speciality

    Internal Medicine - Specialist

  • Education

    MBBS , MD

  • Experience

    8+ Years

  • Biography

    Dr. Liz Elizabeth Antony completed her Bachelor degree from K.S.Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore, Karnataka, India, in 2014 before completing MD from Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore, Karnataka, India in 2019. With over 9 years of experience, Dr. Liz Elizabeth Antony specializes in handling all critical cases including Cardiology.

    He is an expert in treatment of :

    - Diabetes

    - Hypertension

    - Fever

    - Headache

    - Chest infections

    - Asthma and other respiratory tract infections

    - Treatment for infectious and communicable diseases

    - Stomach problems

    - Nutritional deficiencies

    - Thyroid disorders

    - Other chronic diseases

    Dr. Liz Elizabeth Antony is acclaimed to be the Best Internal Medicine Doctor in Salalah by her patient reviews.

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